This project is influenced by political conflicts that are occurring in the Middle East and are directly involving Kurdish culture, questioning why and how we have collectively produced an overtly patriarchal society which has historically undermined women and non binary people. 

The historical objectification of women which is present in Kurdish culture but by no means exclusive to it, is morally questionable to say the least. It not only often reduces women's value to their bodies, but compromises women's humanity through reducing them to culturally specific and rigid archetypes. This creates a difficulty for women in that they are not able to be their authentic, dynamic and most importantly, individual selves without being boxed into a negative stereotype.

This idea came from studying a multitude of women in the Middle East and especially in the war zones or affected by war.
Women in all of their diversity, the religiously rebellious, the culturally conventional, the veiled, the unveiled, the fighters and the diplomats, and often enough, the women who were many or all of these things. I wanted to examine how much of an influence these people had and whether their voices were silenced or elevated by their society. This led me to researching the Kurdish women who have become fighters, who are steadily becoming more visible and valued members of Kurdish society, but also bringing light to women who are silenced simply because they are not fighters.

I want to portray them in a manner that represents these women in their complexities. An image where you recognise their womanhood as they redefine it. Womanhood where leadership and physical strength aren't just "masculine traits" to beware of, and so on. 

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